Becoming a Client | Tracy Symington R.F.P. | Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Becoming a Client

Before you entrust your investments to me or to any financial advisor or financial planner you should have a high degree of confidence that the person you are working with will put you first and be a trusted partner in helping you reach your everyday and retirement income planning goals. You should be very clear about the advisor's investment philosophy, values, commitment to client service and the resources and expertise of the company behind the advisor. There are two ways to get to know me:

Office Appointment

You can set up an appointment to meet with me at my office in Orleans to discuss your goals and objectives, your ideas about risk and any previous investing experience. At no cost or obligation to you, I will prepare a financial plan for you, and we will meet a second time to review the plan.

Dinner Presentation
with appropriate social distancing

If you would first like to form an impression in a more informal setting, I host a regular dinner presentation. This is an informal talk in a small group setting at a restaurant in Orleans. Over dinner and wine I discuss my financial philosophy, current market trends and opportunities, and answer all your questions.

You Decide When You Are Ready

As stated above, all initial meetings are complimentary. Even if I do a Financial Plan for you or give you a second opinion on your portfolio, you are under no obligation to become a client. Whether you prefer a meeting in an office or an informal session over dinner, followed up by office meetings, this process should answer all your questions to get you on your way to a better financial future.